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The art of entertaining requires practice, planning,  rehearsal, understanding  the audience and talent. These are the skills that Luke Renner the New Mexico
Yo-Yo Slinger
comes prepared with for each of his performances and were developed over 30 years of performing at locations around the world.

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Luke Renner, The New Mexico Yo-Yo Slinger. Mr. Renner has over 30 years of yo-yo performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts of California. He began performing as a yo-yo man in New Mexico after winning a yo-yo contest in Durango, Colorado. In 2013 he was awarded during the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, Florida for both one handed and two handed tricks Sports Ladder Division and more recently won 1st place at the 2014 National Yo-Yo Contest in the Sports Ladder Division in Chico, California. Mr.Renner is a spokesperson for the international Magic Yo-Yo company. Performances are a combination of expert skill on a string with a magical touch.

Recent Awards:

2015 7th Place 2A Two Handed Tricks  US National Yo-Yo Contest - Los Angeles

2015 1st Place 2A Two Handed Tricks  South Central Regional Yo-Yo Contest (Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas) - Denver, Colorado (2015 SRC Regional 2 Handed Champion)

2015 1st Place 2A Two Handed Tricks  Colorado State Yo-Yo Contest - Boulder Colorado (Current Colorado 2 Handed Champion)

2014 1st Place Sport Trick Ladder Division US National Yo-Yo Contest - Chico, California

2013 1st Place Sport Trick Ladder Division (1 handed tricks) World Yo-Yo Contest - Orlando, Florida





photograph by Tony Bennett

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