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Soulstice Parade (Durango, CO)

Founders Day Parade (Aztec, NM)

Freedom Days Parade
(Farmington, NM)

Telluride Fourth of July Parade
 (Telluride, CO)


An Opening Act for Freddie Fender Concert (Farmington, NM)


Armando in the Morning radio show KRWN FM

"performed straight-jacket and yo-yo tricks" (Farmington, NM)


Appeared on This That & The Other with Gayle Dean television program

demonstrating escapology and yo-yo’s. KOBF-TV (Farmington, NM)



1990, February - Snow Down Yo-Yo Contest placed 2nd Youth Division.

Durango, CO.


1991, February – Snow Down Yo-Yo Contest tied 1st Adult Division

(while still classified as a youth: competed at age 17)


1999, December 28th – New Mexico State Yo-Yo Championship.

Ranked in the top 6 of Freestyle Division.


2001, July 4 – Farmington Freedom Days Parade 2nd Place

Performing Group/Walkers


2004, July 4th – Farmington Freedom Days Parade 1st Place

Adult Walking Group


2009, July 4th – Farmington Freedom Days Night Electric Light Parade

2nd Place Performing Group/Walkers


2011, December 19th – Awarded as a weekly winner of the Phillips 66 Local Legends Contest


2012, July 4th - Telluride Colorado Fourth of July Parade

3rd Place Tie Adult Walking Group


2013, August - World Yo-Yo Contest Sport String Ladder. Orlando, FL.


2013, August - World Yo-Yo Contest Sport Looping Ladder. Orlando, FL.


2014, August - 1st National Yo-Yo Contest Sport Ladder. Chico, CA.


2015 1st Place 2A Two Handed Tricks  Colorado State Yo-Yo Contest - Boulder Colorado

2015 1st Place 2A Two Handed Tricks  South Central Regional Yo-Yo Contest

         (Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas) - Denver, Colorado


2015, September - 7th National Yo-Yo Contest 2A (2 handed division) LA, CA.





104th Northern Navajo Nation Fair (Shiprock, NM)


Berlin Lacht! International Street Theatre Fesitval

(Berlin, Germany)


Swinburne Elementary (Farmington, NM)


Kids Kollege San Juan College (Farmington, NM)

Taught Yo-Yo’s & Magic


Bloomfield Public Library (Bloomfield, NM)


Carson Library (Carson, CA)


Alondra Library (Norwalk, CA)


Victoria Library (Victoria, CA)


Yo-Yo Demo "Spin Off" store at Animas Valley Mall

(Farmington, NM)


Yo-Yo Demo Durango Kid’s Toy Store (Durango, CO)


Riverfest (Farmington, NM)



San Juan College West (Kirtland, NM)


Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Shiprock Atsa Library
Shiprock, NM)


Farmington E3 Museum & Science Center

(Farmington, NM)


Sun Ray Park & Casino

(San Juan County, NM)


Kiwanis Group (Bloomfield, NM)


Childhaven (Farmington, NM)


Red Ribbon Drug Free Campaign (Famington, NM)


Dzilth-na-o-dith-hle School (Navajo Nation)


Lake Valley (Navajo Nation)


Farmington Boy’s & Girl’s Club (Farmington, NM)


Cortez Public Library

(Cortez, CO)


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